Friday, June 18, 2010

Toddler knits = quick satisfaction knits

Well I haven’t been around much on this blog of late, too busy after stepping up my work hours to maintain 2 blogs, baby and work so this blog is the one that suffered.

I’ve managed to fit in a few crafty projects. The most satisfying ones are the quick knits that I have done for Master A. Two winter jumpers with a bit of striping or colour blocks. I’m still loving top down construction and now I’ve altered my technique for good. I do the sleeves as soon as possible and then work on the body. That way I don’t get sick of them so fast.

 DSC06724 DSC06726

I designed this one with a little collar and v-neck style opening. I wanted some random stipes that matched back between the body and the sleeves. I’m really happy with the result. The neck opening is easy to pull on and off, so much so that Master A has worked out he can undress himself! The sleeves are a little long so hopefully it lasts for at least 6 months before he grows out of it.

 DSC07246 DSC07240

The next one I knitted is a round neck. Very basic with a few blocks of cream thrown.

Next time… I’m still working on knee high socks for my sister, that were promised for last Christmas! Of course I am 8 rows from the end of the second sock and I have run of yarn so I will have to hunt through the stash to see if I have any swatches I can pull out and use.