Monday, August 31, 2009

Craft, social applications and libraries

While reviewing Custom Knits yesterday I had a quick scan of the patterns that were up on Ravelry. I noticed that there is "search your local libraries" hyperlink on the left hand side. How cool is this? It links you through to WorldCat and you can find the book in a library near you.

Unfortunately it couldn't find a copy in Canberra (even though I have a current copy from ACT Library service) I guess the data that they are drawing from does not include this service. There were plenty of other Australian libraries listed and they even had how far away the library is from me, e.g. Waverly Council Library has a copy and it is only 245 kilometres away!

Also I don't spend enough time on Ravelry, it is really helpful. I had a quick flick through people who had blogged about the pattern that I was interested and I looked at how other knitter's had completed Ingenue. I think this social extension to patterns helps you determine if you are going to have any problems with a pattern and you can see real women wearing the style. (Helpful for us short people who are not model size)

I love techy stuff, it is so hard to keep ahead of it though. I feel out of touch even though I have only been away from work for 7 months I don't feel that I have been keeping up the exponenetial growth of social tools and how libraries are hooking into them. Oh well, I'll be back to work soon enough and then I'll have to be super-mum with no time to spare at all.

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