Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby leggins

So here are the leggins that I made the other day that I blogged about. Here is the long sleeved tee that was sacrificed to the cause...
I used the arms to make the leggins. I laid a pair that currently fit him (sort of) onto the sleeve to use as a pattern, then I cut it out quite a bit longer and a little wider on the waist, so that he can grow into them for a little bit. (He is growing like a weed)
I laid the right sides together and joined the crotch, I haven't worried about having a defined front or back crotch, considering the nappy makes the crotch huge anyway. I did a stretch stitch on the sewing machine and also neatened it up on the overlocker.
I overlocked the edge of the waist. Turned it down to make a casing for the elastic. I cut elastic a little larger than ones that he is currently wearing. Here is the finished product...
Here is the bub modelling them. Pretty successful 20 mins work I think.

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