Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sunshiny sunflowers

Well it is Christmas eve and I have done a tonne of cooking today in preparation for tomorrow. We made over 60 Greek shortbreads at lunchtime and I’m cooking a roast pork roll and roast chicken at the moment. It has been so hot today I couldn’t put the oven on for that long.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a lot cooler and wetter.

I went out into my tiny patch of garden this morning and managed to get a shot of a sunflower that has just opened up. It is gorgeous. I’ve never grown them before but I tossed some seeds in spring and this is the result. There are another 5 plants that are about to flower.


So craft…

I’ve just wrapped up a few presents without taking any photos so I’ll have to get people to model them for me.

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