Monday, December 21, 2009

Urgent Christmas Knitting in progress

Well it is only 4 days away and I’m still knitting some of my presents.

Here is a quick update of the sock knitting

Granpa's socks

These are Granpa’s socks, very plain blue ones. They are wrapped and at my Mum’s house waiting for the big day.

Grandad's socks in progress

Here is one of my Grandad’s socks complete and one still in progress. I ran out of brown self-striping yarn so they are being finished off in a plain cream wool with a bit of the self striping mixed in. Hopefully they don’t look too strange.

I have done another pair of socks but I didn’t get a picture of them so I’ll have to get a pic when they get opened.

I’ve been quite productive over the last few days, sewing, beading and knitting. I’ll try and get pictures of things when they get unwrapped.

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