Sunday, January 17, 2010

Re-fashion: singlet top

I’ve been seeing a lot of cute embellished singlet tops around and each time I think to myself that they are so simple and I should try my hand at doing one. I have tons of notions: ribbon, braids, beads, etc., that I can try out. So the other night I got inspired and pulled a few singlets from my wardrobe cull. I was going to send them to the charity shop so I would lose nothing by trying to be creative with these tops.

Here is the first refashion.

Laying up the design Testing out the design

I was really happy with the way the ribbon pleated over the shoulder and the addition of the lace trim to the neckline. I’ve since removed the lace on the bottom of the singlet as it was giving me too much tutu attitude and flaring the hips.

Here is the second style attempt. In the end I didn’t add so many ribbons down the right hand side, but I did throw in some vintage buttons.

Before - plain singlet top  WIP - embellishments laid on 

I’m really happy with way the lace corsage ended up on the shoulder but disappointed with the ribbon stripes.

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