Monday, November 2, 2009

Guilty secrets

I planned for this blog to be about my use and reuse of items within my stash or own collection of clothing. The trouble is that  I have run out of time. I go back to work this week :( and have been sorting through my wardrobe to make sure that I have clothes to wear for work. It was good to rediscover all my old friends but it has made me realise what a collector I have become. So I have done a massive cull.

This has been surprisingly easy. A lot no longer fits. There are a lot of maternity clothes that will not be used again. So it is all packed up into stripy bags awaiting dropping off at a charity store.


I’m feeling slightly guilty that I am not going to recycle some of this into clothes for Ashby but I know that he has plenty of clothing already so I don’t need to make more.

So here they are…Stripy bags full of clothes

proof of my consumerism.

I did cull in January, when we moved house, but obviously not very well. It was very hard to do when I was 8 and a half months pregnant, and unsure what my figure would be like post baby.

Luckily my figure is pretty good (gotta love breastfeeding) and I’ve returned to my pre-baby weight and maintained it for 5 months now. Sorry to brag, but if I get it down in writing then it is all the more reason to stick to it. My maintenance program once I return to work will be riding to work, plus walking with the pram every now and then.

So you may be wondering if I have any clothing left. Yes I do, 2 wardrobes full.

DSC05411 DSC05413

These pictures only show a portion of each as the doors hide the other parts. The leftovers need reorganising and I think that after that I will have to get into the shoes.  That will be really hard as I really love my shoe collection, but I can’t see myself wearing any of those stilettos anytime soon. They are not exactly walking with the pram type of shoes.


kris said...

OMG! My eyes are bugging out of my head!

You could OPEN a charity shop!

See you at work!

Jadehouse said...

I know, Russ is very surprised at how good I've been over the last few months, I think that I have only bought about 10 things and no shoes! See you Wednesday.

kris said...

I won't be there! I'm having a few days off to study ...ahem... anyway... I'll be back in the hood on Thursday!