Monday, November 9, 2009

Toe up magic loop

Wow, why didn’t I try this earlier. Knitting socks from the toe up using my favourite bamboo circular needles is so easy. I only looked at the instructions once and then just powered ahead. That is pretty amazing for me, usually I have to pour over knitting instructions for ages to make sure I’ve got the technique correct but this time it just flowed all right.

I’m starting on my Christmas knitting, I figure socks for the grans will be good as you always get cold feet in retirement homes/hostels. I’m going to create secret crazy socks. In other words I’m going to use up my left over painted sock yarn for the foot and make a conservative upper to peak out of the shoes. Hopefully they’ll see the humour and enjoy the hand knit gift.

Here is a peak of the first toe-up sock I’ve done.The toe on the needles The toe and the yarn